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Before purchasing a puppy from us please review this page in detail and entirety. It is important for you to know what we expect from you and also what you can expect from us! Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

Remember that a dog is a lifetime of commitment! We only want the very best homes for our puppies. We ask that before adopting a puppy new families take some time and consider:
~ the individual needs and traits of the specific breed (exercise and grooming requirements, size, temperament etc.)
~ the proper training and socialization all puppies need that is critical for confident, well adjusted adults
~ the proper care, feed, shelter, time, commitment and lots of love for the puppies life

Your new puppy will come with:

  • CKC registration
  • 1st  vaccination
  • Health Guarantee - 1 year genetic health guarantee, 26 month hip, elbow and eye guarantee and lifetime guarantee against genetic EIC, CNM and PRA in Labradors.
  • 6 weeks of puppy insurance
  • dewormed
  • microchipped
  • vet checked
  • puppy portfolio
  • non breeding agreement unless otherwise specified


Our puppies start at $1800+GST. A deposit of $300. is required to reserve a puppy. Deposits are non refundable and apply to the purchase price, therefore a balance of $1500 is due at the time of pick up. Order of deposits received reflects the order of pick in the litter, so it is important to get your deposit in early to avoid disappointment. Deposits will be refunded or moved to another litter of your choice if when the pup are born the colour and sex you requested is not available. Please note - as the breeder we reserve the right to first pick male and first pick female from any litter. Deposits can be made by cheque, email transfer or by direct deposit into our acct. Final payment at the time of pick up can only be made by email transfer prior to pick up or by cash at the time of pick up.  Please contact us to confirm a puppy or litter you are interested in.

Due to the recent policy change by Air Canada and West Jet, regarding flying puppies as cargo, we will no longer be shipping our puppies. However if distance is an issue for you puppies can still be taken as carry on luggage at 8 weeks, but you will have to fly with your puppy.

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Click here for our Labrador Retriever health guarantee.


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We feed and recommend TLC dog food. As per our health guarantee your new puppy must remain on TLC for at least 26 months while we are guaranteeing their health. Please review the link below to learn more about TLC and why we feed it!

TLC Dog Food - Cowboy Up Kennel - Lab breeders in Alberta

For more information see our FAQ page.


Spay/Neuter Age

Also as per our health guarantee we stipulate that you do not spay/neuter your new puppy till it is at least 1 year old and highly recommend 18 months if you can wait that long. It is very detrimental to any large breed dog's growth and development to be sterilized prior to this. Before placing a deposit on a puppy please review both of the below links. We are happy to discuss any concerns you have in this area and will provide a handout in more detail as to our thoughts and research at the time of puppy pick up.


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